Here is the craft project that my wife did with the boys the other day. That’s right, it’s a paper chain to count down the days until we leave for Hawaii.

Posted at 11:34pm


Fashion faux pas this morning at Starbucks. I can’t believe someone would wear white sweat socks with his black slacks and loafers. And the he has the nerve to put the up on a chair in the isle for everyone to see. My guess, he’s single.

Posted at 4:56pm


The weather is starting to warm up and the icicle that has been hanging from my downspout for days is starting to melt. Guess that means I have some work to do.

Posted at 4:52pm


I was able to spend a few hours this afternoon snowboarding at the pass. We are finally getting the pounding of snow that I expected with a la nina winter. Here is what my helmet looked like when I was done, and that’s just a little of what fell over the hours I was riding.

Posted at 2:49pm


Here is the completed project. Full iPod and iPhone support plus built-in Bluetooth including A2DP. Now I’ll be able to listen to any music I want and make legal hands-free calls easier.

Posted at 4:41pm


And the wiring harness is completed. Once my wife gets home I cam start on the actual in-car installation.

Posted at 12:54pm


Getting started with the installation of my new car stereo. First step, assemble this mess of wires into a proper harness.

Posted at 11:38am


Yesterday afternoon the boys and I built a snowman. I don’t think it survived too long but I did manage to get a few pictures before the knocked it down.

Posted at 8:48am


A snow day calls for some retro video games. Yes, that’s pole position Andy is playing.

Posted at 12:59pm


My wife reminded me that we usually get our delivery of fruits and vegetables on Thursdays but there is no delivery here. Wonder when it might arrive?

Posted at 9:52am


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